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How To Use Your Ballcap Buddy

If you’ve misplaced your Ballcap Buddy instructions, don’t worry—here are some helpful instructions on how to use your Ballcap Buddy with some tips included.

Dishwasher (recommended):

Place on top rack only. Add dishwasher detergent (tip: do not use lemon detergent). Wash on normal or light cycle. Leave in Ballcap Buddy cap washer to dry.

Washing Machine:

Use small or medium water level. Do not wash in full load. Wash with lightweight clothes (no towels, jeans, rugs, etc.). Use gentle cycle only. Place in washer with laundry detergent (do not use lemon detergent).

Do not use in any front-loading, tumble type washing machine!

Leave hat in Ballcap Buddy cap washer until dry. DO NOT put in the dryer

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  • Use on top rack of dishwasher
  • Do not use lemon detergent (lemon is a bleaching agent)
  • Using your dishwasher is highly recommended but you can use your washing machine as well. Use with caution and only on gentle cycle, never in a front-loading, tumble type washing machine
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Use Instructions:

  • Open the frame by pushing the center bar with thumbs to unlock. (Tip: Make sure it’s in tight, flip the Ballcap Buddy upside-down and push the clips with your thumbs)
  • Do not open frame at front clips, only open from the back
  • Fit the cap into position. (Tip: for extremely soiled caps, use pre-wash spray.)
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