Frequently Asked Questions

For 27 years, our goal has been to make our customers happy and keep their caps clean with quality products, premier customer service and easy returns. We’ve fought hard to keep this product made in the USA. We pride ourselves on being able to exceed our customers’ expectations in every way.

Where is the Ballcap Buddy made?

The Ballcap Buddy is 100% made in and shipped from the USA (Texas). The Ballcap Buddy is shipped directly from the manufacturer and is American Certified.

Will the BCB wash flat-billed and curved caps?

Yes, the BCB is safe for flat-billed and curved caps. It is made of flexible plastic that will bend and accommodate most curved caps.

What is the Ballcap Buddy made of?

It is made of sturdy yet flexible mechanically engineered plastic that can be used over and over again.

How do you open the Ballcap Buddy?

Do not open it from the two front clips. Instead, turn the Ballcap Buddy over and push down on the two back clips. This will open the Ballcap Buddy to place your cap in.

What kind of soap do I use to wash my caps?

In the dishwasher, we recommend using regular dishwashing soap or pods with NO LEMON and NO BLEACH. Lemon is a bleaching agent. Same goes for a washing machine.

Can I use it in the dryer?

NO. Never put your Ballcap Buddy in the dryer. Just leave your cap in the BCB to dry if it is still wet.

Can the Ballcap Buddy be used to protect my caps while traveling?

Sure! Put your cap in the Ballcap Buddy and place it in your suitcase or trunk when traveling and it will keep its shape and protect your caps, hats and visors.

If this is the Original Ballcap Buddy Cap Washer, how long has it been on the market?

The Ballcap Buddy was invented and marketed in 1992 specifically for cleaning a baseball cap.

What size caps will fit in the Ballcap Buddy?

Almost all sizes except very small youth and toddler caps. Trucker hats, flexible hats, baseball caps and many other styles will fit in the BCB.

Is it better to use the BCB in the top rack of the dishwasher or in a clothes washing machine?

It is highly recommended to be used in the top rack of the dishwasher as the safest way to clean, dry, shape, protect and store your caps, hats and visors. It can also be used in certain washing machines (never in a front loading machine) safely when following the directions that come with the product.

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