The Original Hat Washer

Clean, Dry, Shape, Protect and Store

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The Original Hat Washer

Clean, Dry, Shape, Protect and Store

Hats | Caps | Visors

Your Cap’s Dirty… Wash It!

Since its debut in 1992, the Ballcap Buddy has remained the best way to clean and store your baseball caps. Our patented hat washer allows you to wash your cap (flat or curved) without bending it or ruining its shape.

You can wash your hat in the dishwasher (highly recommended for best results) or in certain types of washing machines. The Ballcap Buddy is a perfect, endlessly useful gift for any hat collector!

Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

The Ballcap Buddy’s versatile design and robust build will allow you to extend the life of every cap you own for years to come.

Whether it’s baseball, football, basketball, hockey, hunting, NASCAR or just your favorite brand, you can wear your hat with pride all year long.

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Adidas Before Good Dominic Marino Adidas After Good
Cat Before Cat After Great !
Anthony Kraus Under Bill Before 2 Anthony Kraus Under The Bill After Clean 2
Kelly Smentek Before Good Kelly Smentek After Good White Hat
Wildfire Before Shirley Lebo Good Wildfire After Good Shirley Lebo
Titelist Golf Cap Before John Anderson Good Titelist Golf Cap After Good
Lisa Gullans Before Good Lisa Gullans After Good 7 2 20
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